High-End Eurorack modules to build yourself

While aiming for High-End Design and function, we design our modules with easy to get through-hole components which makes it perfect for DIY.

Explore DIY options
  • CubuSynth Engine (OUT NOW)

    Dual Complex Analog VCO with a lot of internal modulations, 2 wavefolders, Comparator RM and AM outputs and a "chaos" modulation, similar to the well known turing machine.

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  • CubuSynth VCLFO (DIY available)

    Based on the electric druid VCLFO10, this module can produce 16 different waveforms with sample&hold and CV inputs for frequency, level and multiplicator (octave)

  • CubuSynth - VCFA (coming soon)

    OTA-filter with low pass, band pass and high pass Outputs, Integrated VCA with analog saturation and CV input for Frequency, Resonance and Level.