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CubuSynth - VCFA

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VCFA - Voltage controlled Filter and Amplifier

The CubuSynth VCFA is a multimode VCF with LP,HP and BP modes with integrated VCA, CV control over Frequency, Resonance and Volume.
The CV input for the Frequency features 1V/Oct scaling over about 2~3 octaves. So you can even create plucky melodies
with the resonance in "ringing" mode.
The Gain control can reach a nice, soft saturation.

Key features

- 3 simultaneous outputs for Low Pass, Band Pass and High Pass
- Integrated VCA on input stage
- Input saturation on upper Gain levels
- CV control over Volume, Frequency and Resonance
- Frequency CV scalable for 1V/oct signals (stable up to 2-3 octaves)
- "ringing" appears on upper Resonance levels


- Size: 10HP x 3U / 50mm x 129mm
- Depth: 34mm (measured from the front panel)
- Max. Current Draw:
+12V: +14mA
-12V: -14mA