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CubuSynth - ADSR

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Built Module / ready to use - for DIY version click here

- size: 10hp

- GATE and TRIGGER inputs for retriggering

- MODE CV that allows selection of normal ADSR, Gated looping, or full LFO-style Looping mode

- LEVEL CV for additional Volume control / Velocity input (Volume on 100% when nothing plugged in)

- 16 pin power (uses 5V power)

16 mA +12V
16 mA -12V
70 mA 5V

The CubuSynth ADSR features its TIME CV which shortens the overall time of the whole envelope. The TIME CV makes an excellent modulation input for either envelope modulation or LFO frequency modulation.

It also adds a PUNCH input which holds the maximum level for a few milliseconds before starting the Decay stage. This is very useful for adding extra punch to short percussive envelopes.