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CubuSynth - Exhaust V2 / Engine V2 Expander

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Expander Module for the CubuSynth Engine V2

- Two Sub-Ocatve generator with selection switch, Mix knob for -1 and -2 octaves
- 5 Channel Audio Mixer for 4 different Outputs from the Engine and level for the Sub-Octave generator
- External Input for Mixing with other signals
- Semi-Random Gate or Trigger Output generated by the Chaos signal
- Audio-optimized Chaos Output
- Separate Outputs for Sub-Octave and Main Mix


- Size: 8HP x 3U / 41mm x 129mm
- Depth: 24mm (measured from the front panel)
- Max. Current Draw:
+12V: +6mA
-12V: -5mA

The Exhaust adds many features to your Engine VCO module like Sub-octaves, Mixing and a Gate / Trigger generated by the Chaos signal.
You can select one of the two VCO cores of the engine to Produce Square Waves one and two octaves below the Oscillators frequency. You can blend between -1 and -2 octaves and Set the vulume they are Mixed into the Main “Mix” output.
The knobs “VCO1” “VCO2” and “AM” set the level of the selected waveform of each VCO and the AM output from the Engine to the Main Mix. The “Ext In” Input is normalled from the RM output, but you can plug in any other signal to go to the Main Mix.
The V Ref sets a Voltage between 0V and +10V which compares against the Chaos signal from the engine (Chaos attenuator on the Engine doesn't matter). Whenever the Chaos signal is higher in Voltage than the Knob setting, It will Give you a Gate or Trigger signal depending on the switch. There is also a CV input, which offsets your V Ref and can create interesting Rhythms.


User Manual

This module only works with Engine V2.