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CubuSynth - 6xLevel (DIY)

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6 Passive Attenuators + multiple with normalized Inputs

Difficulty Level: 1/10
Build Time: 0.5~1 hour
This is a great DIY kit for beginners. You only need to solder 12 Jacks and 6 Potentiometers.
Component count: 18

The CubuSynth 6xLevel module is a 8hp passive Attenuator, which allows scaling of CV and audio signals. The inputs are normalized from the outputs above, which allows passive multiplication with attenuation. The normalized path is attenuated by the potentiometer before, so you can also create very subtle changes (e.g. Fine tune a VCO).
The white lines on the Front panel mark the normalisation route.

Note, that it is a passive module, for multiplying non-precise voltages. It is recommended to not use more than 3 Outputs from the same input.

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