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CubuSynth - Engine (DIY)

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DIY version of the CubuSynth Engine

Difficulty Level: 9/10
Build Time: 10~16 hours
Very high component count, tight placement and transistors with small footprint (<0.7mm solder wire recommended)
Component count: 389

Key features

- 2 VCO cores (voices)
- 4 simultaneous wave forms per voice + 4 Modulation Outputs
- Wavefolder per voice
- Pulse Width modulation
- Linear and exponential FM inputs
- 1 V/oct tracking stable over up to 10 octaves
- Chaos generator with external clock input
- Complex internal normalized modulations


- Size: 24HP x 3U / 121mm x 129mm
- Depth: 35mm (measured from the front panel)
- Max. Current Draw:
+12V: +65mA
-12V: -50mA
+5V: +11mA

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The CubuSynth Engine is a dual analog VCO with wave shaping functions, internal modulations and a chaos generator.
It is based around the 3340 chip and features 4 Waveforms + Wavefolder per VCO and 4 Modulated Outputs, all simultaneously.
The CubuSynth Engine can work as 2 independent VCOs, or as one complex FM oscillator.
With its inernal "Chaos Engine" it creates semi-random voltages, generated by the 2
oscillator cores. This signal is then normalized to the CV inputs for Pulse width
modulation and exponential FM.
Each of the 2 VCOs offers a switch to select one of the 4 waveshapes to be used by the
wavefolders, and the linear FM input normalisations.





PCB+Panel pack contains:

 - Main PCB
- Control PCB
- Switch Adapter PCB
- Front Panel

Special Components pack contains:

 - 2P4T Rotary Switches x2
- 2P4T slide switch
- 8x colored LEDs
- 2N5457 JFET Transistor
- CD4094 (8-Stage Shift-and-Store Bus Register)
- Vintage Polystyrene Capacitors x2

The Full DIY contains all components and PCBs to build the Module




Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Looks great! Can't wait to build!


PCB and panel really good quality. The build guide: perhaps the best I've seen in my 50 years of (hobby)building and (by profession) repairing audio and video gear. Well done, Ruben!


The Cubusynth Engine VCO has very good build quality, is looking great in the rack and sounds absolute awsome!
I especially like the wavefolder, chaos generator (sort of mini touring machine) and the special outputs like 1 vs 2, ringmod and amplitude modulation. The build guide is very good and the support of the developer excellent. One of the best complex oscillators based on a 3340 you can get at the moment!
ZENMAN / Bavaria

Duane Welch

The electronic kit components are first class. I look forward to assembling my synth. This seller shipped promptly and the parts arrived in perfect condition. Highly recommended.


Une merveille qui n'a rien à envier aux plus grands constructeurs <3