CubuSynth Engine

Complex analog dual VCO

Designed to bring a complex VCO, with a huge amount of possibilities and internal modulations to the DIY world, this module stands out for its visual appearence as well as its audible quality and possibilities

How it works

The CubuSynth Engine can work as 2 independent VCOs, or as a complex FM oscillator with its several modulated outputs.

With its inernal "Chaos Engine" it creates semi-random voltages, generated by the 2 oscillator cores. This signal is then normalized to the CV inputs for Pulse width modulation and exponential FM.

Each of the 2 VCOs offers a switch to select one of the 4 waveshapes to be used by the wavefolders, and the linear FM input normalisations.

CubuSynth Engine - First Sound Demo

Engine Prototype