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CubuSynth - Dual Vintage VCA (DIY)

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DIY option

DIY version of the CubuSynth Dual Vintage VCA

Difficulty Level: 4/10
Build Time: 1~2 hours
Low component count but tight placement and transistors with small footprint (<0.7mm solder wire recommended)
Component count: 57

- size: 8hp

- single Thru-Hole PCB design

- 10 pin eurorack power connection

13 mA +12V
13 mA -12V

The CubuSynth Dual Vintage VCA is a nice sounding, zero bleed, analog Voltage controlled amplifier based on the LM13700 Dual OTA. It can work as two independent VCAs or as a stereo unit, and CV input 1 on channel 1 is normalized to the CV input 1 on channel 2. (same signal can control both Channels)
By replacing the decoupling capacitors with a wire, it can also process CV signals.
The Original concept was designed by Tom Wiltshire aka "Electric Druid". [more info]

Sets the Amplitude for each channel.

Attenuates the Control voltage from CV input (3)

3 CV
CV input for the amplitude Modulation. The input on channel 2 is
normalized from CV on channel 1 when nothing is plugged in.

4 CV2
A second CV input for amplitude modulation, without attenuator

5 IN
Input for Audio Signal

Output for the Audio Signal

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