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Eurorack Prototype PCBs and Aluminium Panels

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Prototype PCBs for Professional looking Eurorack DIY projects.

Create your own Eurorack Modules from your Ideas faster than ever with our high quality PCBs and Aluminium Front panels.

The Main PCB is used To place and connect the ICs, Power connector and other components, while the Control Board is used for Potentiometers, Switches, Jacks and more.
The Aluminium Front Panels have markings on the Back, making it easy to drill your own layout.

You can easily build passive modules with only a control PCB and Front Panel.

The Layout of the Control PCBs can support Vertical Potentiometers (RK09....)or Tall Trimmers, Mini Toggle switches, 3.5mm PJ-301 Jacks (Thonkiconns) and more.

4 hp Module Set:
Main PCB + 4HP Control PCB + 4HP Panel

10 hp Module Set:
Main PCB + 10HP Control PCB + 10HP Panel 

User Manual

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The Breadboard Power Adaptor comes with Connectors for Standard 10- and 16-Pin Eurorack Power, 9V DC Jack (5,5 - 2,1mm) and USB-B type (5V).
*comes without Breadboard

VCC + : +12V from Eurorack Power
VEE - : -12V from Eurorack Power
V2 + : 5V from Eurorack Power, 5V from USB or 9V from DC connector