Eurorack Modules

High-End Eurorack modules Tested and calibrated, ready to blast

Who is CubuSynth?

We are!! CubuSynth was Founded by Ruben Sponar in 2020, Ruben is formed in Audio Engeneering and based in Portugal. Ruben desings the schematics and PCBs, creates the tuturial videos and build guides, and assemble the modules by hand, piece by piece. Provides costumers care helping with any doubts you guys might have.
He also counts with the help of his girlfriend and "partner in crime" Joana Gregório, in charge of digital contents, digital marketing, paperworks, invoices, sending orders and assembling kits.
This is a small business made in our small studio, where every single detail is thinked and made with lots of love, atention and care by these two little Modular Synthesizer lovers.

Love and Synths,

CubuSynth Team.