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CubuSynth - Exhaust / Engine Expander

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Expander Module for the CubuSynth Engine.

- size: 8hp

- Sub-Octave generator

- Mixer for different Signals from the Main Module

- Random Gate Output with "Probability" Knob and CV


The Exhaust Expander Module features a Sub-Octave generator, switchable from VCO1 or VCO2, with 2 Suboctaves mixed by volume knobs. The Sub Output is the resulting Mix of the 2 octaves. They are also routed to the Mix Output.

The Ext Input is normalized from the Engines RM Output. When inserting a cable it will stop this connection, which allows for any other signal to be mixed into the Main Mix Output.

The Chaos Signal from the Engine Module is taken to generate "Random" Gates, whenever the Signal is higher in Voltage than the setting of V Ref. You can think of it as a Probability Knob. The Chance to get Gate signals can also be CV controlled via the V Ref Input Jack.


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